Seventh edition



The Big Hack 2023 – seventh edition
Participation Regulations

1. Objectives and description of The Big Hack 2023 – seventh edition

These Regulations concern the conduct of the event called “The Big Hack 2023 – seventh edition” (hereinafter “Hackathon” or “Event”) organised by Innova Camera, Special Company of the Rome Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter “Innova Camera” or “Organiser”), to complete the actions undertaken on the occasion of the Maker Faire Rome – 2023 edition and as part of the related collaboration with the Campania Region – Sviluppo Campania, referred to in the “Operational Plan for enhancing, strengthening and opening up the regional R&I ecosystem – Executive Decree DD 58/2020 POR FESR 2014-2020 – Axis I O.S. 1.3, Action 1.3.3 – CUP B29D20000060009, CIG 9415500C63

The Hackathon, produced with support from the Technical Partner Codemotion S.p.A. with registered office in Rome, Via Marsala 29h, tax code and VAT no. 12392791005 (hereinafter “Technical Partner” or “Codemotion”) will be structured in themed “challenges” promoted by the companies participating in the initiative (hereinafter “Partners” or “Sponsors”), which will be announced before the Event. The Hackathon is targeted at anyone interested in the topics of Health, Mobile, Cybersecurity, IoT, Energy, Mobility, Gamification, Virtual Assistant, Industry 4.0 and more generally all issues related to technological innovation in products and services, with the aim of presenting project ideas (hereinafter “Project(s)”) that respond to one of the proposed challenges with a technological and innovative approach. The Hackathon is aimed at all those (hereinafter “Participant(s)”) who fall within the inclusion criteria set out in Article 2 below.
These Regulations (hereinafter “Regulations”) constitute the set of rules governing the participation in and conduct of the Hackathon and all related activities, including promotional and advertising activities. The Regulations constitute a contract between the Parties.

2. Target audience

The Event is aimed at innovators, developers, makers, engineers, web and mobile designers, UX and UI specialists, data scientists, startuppers, digital marketing and communication experts and more generally anyone interested in the topics covered by the Hackathon challenges. Participation in the Hackathon, whose official language is Italian, is in teams (hereinafter “Teams”), free, and aimed at all individuals over 18 years of age, Italian or foreign, except employees of the Organiser and the Partners or their relatives and in-laws up to the second degree or cohabitants. The following are therefore eligible to participate:

  • Teams consisting of a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 5 people;
  • single individuals. In this case, by registering on the Technical Partner’s platform at (hereinafter the “Platform”), and then at the Event, the Participants hereby agree to be included in Teams formed by the Organiser or by the Technical Partner in consideration of the individual Participants’ profile, experience, aptitudes and abilities.

3. Registration and participation in the Hackathon

a) Registration for the Hackathon is personal, free and formalised by registering on the Technical Partner’s Platform at (subject to accepting the latter’s terms and conditions of use and the related statement on processing personal data) and subsequent registration for the Event, which can also be reached here:

b) The Event will be held in person. To participate, it is necessary to:

  • register on the Platform and then, in the specific section for the Hackathon, complete the registration form available at A confirmation email will subsequently be sent to the address provided during registration. Registration for the Hackathon is open from 13 June 2023 until 1 July 2023 at 4:00 pm CEST. If there is an excessively high number of Participants, the Organiser reserves the right to close registration early.

Participants will be asked to provide the following data when registering:

1. personal data of the individual Participant, or of the Team members when participating as a Team;
2. email address.

  • Be present at the venue of the Event, which will be hosted in the Apple Developer Academy at Corso Nicolangelo Protopisani 70, 80146 Naples NA.

Further information will be available on the Event website.

c) Participants will be admitted to the Hackathon in the chronological order they complete the registration procedure. Participants may apply individually or in preformed Teams, without prejudice to the obligation for each Participant to register individually.

d) The formation and composition of the Teams or individual Participants in the Event will be formalised during the Hackathon registration phase through the specific member invitation function. Each Participant may join only one Team. Each Team will be identified by the name its members choose for the Project. Under penalty of exclusion of the entire group from the Event, the Team name may not correspond or refer, even partially, to company names and/or well-known or registered trademarks, nor may it contain or be associated with expressions that incite violence, discrimination, obscenity and/or defamation.

e) Each Team may choose only one single challenge from among those proposed by the Partner companies.

f) Each Participant who registers guarantees that their personal information provided at registration is true and correct. If the Organiser ascertains that the information provided during registration is untrue, it may exclude the Participant.

g) Participation in the Event implies each Participant’s full acceptance of these Regulations, their provision – where necessary – of consent to the processing of personal data, and their presence at the Hackathon venue on 1 and 2 July 2023.

h) The Participant is informed that participation in the Hackathon does not, in itself, entail any right to receive compensation, for any reason, and that any related expenses will not be incurred and/or reimbursed by the Organiser.

4. Conduct of the Hackathon

a) The Hackathon will open with the Participants accessing the physical venue of the event from 9:00 am CEST on Saturday, 1 July 2023 and will end with the closing event on 2 July 2023. Based on any technical requirements, the Organiser reserves the right to change the days and times of the Event and to cancel it before it begins – at its sole discretion – without this generating any liability on the Organiser’s part. Any changes to the days or times of the Event will be communicated to the email address provided by Participants during registration and will be announced through the Event website.

b) The Organiser may at any time notify registered persons of the opening and closing event times of the Hackathon, which will take place on the days of the Event, at Information on the official opening and closing event times, the agenda and procedures will be provided on the Event website. At least one representative of each Team is required to be present at the closing event.

c) During the Event, divided into challenges promoted by the Partners, the Participating Teams will be supported in completing their individual projects by Mentors who are industry experts, developers, IT professionals and technicians (hereinafter “Mentors”). The methods of use will be published at the launch of the Event on the Hackathon website. The Mentors act in a third-party capacity, will not in any way favour a Participating Team over other Teams, and will follow the guidelines provided by the Organiser and the Technical Partner in order to respect the originality of the work presented by the Participants.

d) During the Hackathon, checkpoints will be scheduled with the Mentors to monitor the progress of the Projects. Participants will be informed of the checkpoint schedule and procedures on the Event website. For the Project to be valid, each Team must necessarily participate in at least one of these checkpoints.

e) Each participating Team must submit its Project for review no later than 12:00 pm CEST on Sunday, 2 July 2023, using the specific submission form available at

f) Each Project must include:

  • the name of the Project;
  • an image or logo of the Project;
  • a brief description of the Project, specifying the chosen challenge;
  • an extended description;
  • keywords (tags);
  • a link to access the database containing all the materials useful for evaluating the Project;
  • a link to the Project presentation video pitch lasting a maximum of 3’30” (the video cannot last longer than three minutes and thirty seconds, otherwise the Team will be excluded).

Other useful links to describe the Proposal may be included in the appropriate fields at the Team’s discretion. Any additional information on how to present and submit the Project will be specified in an email sent to the address provided during registration.

5. Jury and evaluation

a) At the end of the Hackathon, the Projects presented by the Participants’ Teams will be evaluated by a jury (hereinafter the “Jury”) appointed at the sole discretion of the Organiser and the Partners involved. The winning Teams will be announced during the closing event. The agenda and procedures for this closing event will be announced on the Event website.

b) For each challenge promoted by the Organiser and the Partners, the Jury will evaluate the proposals submitted by the Teams based on the following criteria:

  • Utility/Value
  • Relevance to the proposed Challenges
  • Clarity and completeness of the Project
  • Design/User Experience
  • Creativity/Innovation

c) At the end of the activities, each member of the Jury will give each Project a score from one to five (where five is the highest score). After scoring, the Jury will decide the final ranking of the Projects in competition.

d) The Participants are informed and expressly agree that the evaluation criteria and the judgement of the Jury are unquestionable and unappealable, hereby waiving the right to submit objections or complaints against the Jury’s decision.

6. Benefits for the Participants and prize

a) At the end of the Hackathon, the winning Teams for each challenge will be announced. The winners of each challenge will be awarded the prizes offered by the Organiser or by the Event Partners as published on the event website. The Jury may, on a discretionary basis, grant additional prizes to other Teams for projects deemed worthy of interest.

b) Unless otherwise specified in the description of the challenge prize on the Event website, the members of each winning group will decide how to share the prize among themselves. The members of the winning Teams may not contest the size or nature of the prize awarded, nor request the corresponding cash value or an exchange/replacement for any reason. Nothing else is due in addition.

c) The Organiser reserves the right not to award the Prizes available if the projects are not, at the sole discretion of the Jury, up to the objectives and goals of the Hackathon.

d) Pursuant to Article 6(a) of Italian Presidential Decree No. 430/2001, The Big Hack 2023 – seventh edition does not constitute a competition or prize operation and is excluded from the application of the relative legislation, as it has the purpose of presenting projects or studies in the commercial and/or industrial field with the award of prizes that recognise the personal merit of the winners and encourage the interest of the community.

7. Obligations and responsibilities of the Participants

a) By registering for the Event and accepting these Regulations, each Participant undertakes to comply with the rules of the Hackathon and to behave, at each stage thereof, according to correctness and good faith. The Organiser and the Technical Partner, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse participation in the Hackathon to any Participant and/or Team that does not comply with the provisions of these Regulations and those who use fraudulent or unauthorised actions to hinder and/or attempt to alter the correct prizegiving procedure and, in any case, to compromise the success of the entire Event.

b) The Participants, among other things, expressly undertake to observe the following minimum rules of conduct:

  • to respect the other Participants;
  • not to use, under any circumstances and in any context, expressions that incite violence, discrimination, obscenity and/or defamation;
  • to avoid content that is offensive, defamatory, vulgar, rude, promotional, political/ideological, religious, privacy-damaging or otherwise contrary to the law or to fairness and good faith;
  • to develop Projects that are in line with the Hackathon’s objectives;
  • not to infringe copyright, trademarks, patents or other intellectual and industrial property rights in the presentation of their Projects;
  • not to breach the right to privacy and data protection of third parties or other Participants.

c) Each Team is exclusively responsible for the content of its Project, therefore no one can attribute any direct or indirect responsibility to the Organiser and/or the Technical Partner and/or the Partners with reference to the content of the Projects. Each Participant hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the Organiser and/or the Technical Partner and/or the Partners from any claim, including compensation for damages, that may be made for any reason in relation to the Project presented.

d) Under no circumstances may the premises of the Hackathon and related events be used:

  • to carry out activities that are prohibited by law or otherwise contrary to public order or morality;
  • to carry out activities that may represent a danger to things or people present at the Event or may cause an obstacle or impediment to its smooth running;
  • to carry out activities in violation of the rights of third parties, regarding, by way of example but not limited to, trademarks, patents, copyright, etc. It is understood between the parties that the Participant is required to use the spaces in compliance with the indications and directives issued by the Organiser from time to time, as well as any other applicable regulatory provision – safety rules, fire regulations, etc. In any case, the Participant is required to know and comply with the provisions issued by the Organiser.

e) In case of doubts about the correct use of the spaces, the Participant is required to contact the Organiser, who reserves the power to prohibit the performance of any activity contrary to the provisions of this article. This does not entail any right for the Participant to reimbursement of sums or other expenses invested in participation in the Event. The Participant is aware that the Organiser does not own or hold any other real rights over the venue where the Event will take place. The Participant also declares to know the Event venue and to consider it a safe and suitable place for carrying out the activities covered by the Hackathon. The Organiser will therefore not be responsible for any damage suffered by the Participant due to theft, robbery, fire, earthquake, unavailability of services (electricity, internet, etc.), and any other accident, except in cases where the damage is directly attributable to the wilful misconduct and/or gross negligence of the Organiser itself. The Participant is required to supervise the materials used to participate in the Hackathon for the entire duration of the Event.

f) By accepting these Regulations and participating in the Hackathon, each Participant undertakes to use any materials, Platforms and technologies made available by the Organiser and/or the Technical Partner and/or the Partners with the utmost care and diligence for the entire duration of the Hackathon. Each Participant will also strictly abide by the rules of safety and conduct set out and any indication provided by the Organiser and/or the Technical Partner and/or the Partners in order to ensure the safety of all Participants.

8. Limitation of liability

a) The Technical Partner undertakes to maintain and manage the Platform using the best experience available to ensure its efficiency.

Without prejudice to the foregoing:

b) The Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners cannot be held liable in any way for any damage, including by way of example but not limited to, indirect, consequential, special, incidental damages, nor for any damages and/or anomalies that may occur and that are beyond their technical control, such as, by way of example, dysfunction in the management of telematic networks or malfunctions due to defects in the means essential for accessing the Platform, or improper use thereof.

c) Furthermore, any responsibility of the Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners is excluded for the interruption of their services resulting from causes of force majeure including, by way of example and not limited to, sabotage, fires, floods, earthquakes, strikes, defective functioning of the Platform resulting from incorrect functioning of telephone lines, electricity lines and global and/or national network lines due to failures, overloads or interruptions not attributable to the Organiser and/or the Technical Partner and/or the Partners.

d) The Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners cannot be held responsible for the non-receipt or incomplete receipt of electronic registration for the Event, for any reason whatsoever. The Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners cannot therefore be held responsible if data relating to a Participant’s registration is not received or is illegible. Participants are reminded, in this regard, that the internet may be subject to technical difficulties that may cause slowdowns or make any connection impossible. The Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners cannot be held responsible for any problem encountered in accessing the site and/or the online registration process caused by the failure of the internet network, maintenance work or the malfunctioning of the Hackathon servers.

e) Each Participant is solely responsible for their own internet access. Each Participant undertakes to participate in the Hackathon at their own risk. During the Event, each Participant is required to take all appropriate measures to safeguard their data and/or software stored in their IT equipment against any attack (e.g. by installing antivirus software and firewalls).

f) The Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners will not be held responsible, among other things, for any infection by any computer virus or for third-party intrusion into the Participant’s IT equipment. The Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the Participants, their IT equipment and recorded data, nor for any consequence on their personal or professional activity.

g) Each Participant will indemnify and hold harmless the Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners from any damage, harm, loss, cost, expense (including legal expenses) or sanction that they may incur as a result of participation.

9. Intellectual property rights

a) All names, trademarks, logos, graphical interfaces, texts, user interfaces and computer code and other distinctive signs mentioned or reproduced on the Event website are protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual and/or industrial property rights and therefore remain the sole and exclusive property of their authors and rights holders. The reproduction and/or representation of all or part of the elements related to the Hackathon is strictly prohibited.

b) All data (including photographs and texts) made available to the Participants by the Organiser and/or the Technical Partner and/or the Partners during the Hackathon remains the exclusive property, respectively, of the Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners. Each Participant undertakes to use such data in such a way that it remains distinct and divisible from the Project.

c) The authorisation granted to the Participants to use the data provided by Innova Camera, the Technical Partner and the Partners is limited to the duration of the Event. Any use of the data outside the purpose of the Event is prohibited unless previously agreed separately between Innova Camera, the Technical Partner, the Partners and the Participants.

d) Logos or distinctive signs of third parties may be present on the Platform. These logos or distinctive signs are shown for purely illustrative purposes and all rights to them belong to their respective owners.

e) Each Participant expressly declares that each Project, prototype, idea, proposal or part thereof presented in the Hackathon is original and does not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties in any way, in whole or in part. To this end, each Participant hereby undertakes to indemnify the Organiser, Codemotion and the Partners from any and all liability, claim for damages and/or compensation that may be advanced by third parties in this regard.

f) Innova Camera, Codemotion and the Partners recognise to the individual Teams, as a whole, the intellectual and/or industrial property rights inherent to the concepts developed and/or the Proposals presented by these Teams. Each Team remains fully responsible for protecting any innovative and/or original element of the Project from inappropriate use (application for registration, submission of a patent application, etc.), through the means provided for this purpose by law, including the payment of any fees or costs incurred.

g) The Participants acknowledge that the Projects may be subject to communication, dissemination and/or publication within the Event and/or through communication means and media that may be used to promote the Event itself (even after it has taken place), and that this will entail the Projects being visible to all Participants in the Event and/or to the community targeted by the communications. To this end, they hereby authorise the Organiser, the Technical Partner Codemotion and the Partners to communicate, disseminate and/or publish the Projects, including partially, both for the purposes of the Hackathon itself and for purposes related to promotional campaigns and internal/external advertising. To this end, each Participant or Team grants the Organiser Innova Camera, the Technical Partner Codemotion and the Event Partners a free, non-exclusive and unlimited right to use the Projects presented during the Event for the purposes set out in these Regulations. Therefore, each Participant and/or Team hereby authorises the Organiser Innova Camera, the Technical Partner Codemotion and the Event Partners to use and publish their Projects on the Site and/or on other analogue, digital and paper communication channels (e.g. on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn). If the Projects are reused, the Participant or the Team will be mentioned by name. In any case, the Organiser, the Technical Partner Codemotion and the Partners accept no responsibility in the event of illicit or unauthorised use of the idea or work and/or any development and implementation of it and/or the related Project by anyone who had become aware of it. The Participants therefore waive the right to make any claim for damages and/or compensation against Innova Camera, Codemotion and the Event Partners for any reason and/or cause.

10. Option right

a) The Participants who are declared winners, both in Teams and individually, hereby recognise an option right for the Partners holding the challenges to purchase the related Project. This right can be exercised for a period of 12 months starting from the conclusion of the Event.

b) Within this term, the Partner will notify the Participant or each member of the winning Team of any intention to purchase the Project, under conditions negotiated within 30 days from the date of the aforementioned notification under a separate agreement.

c) If, during the period of validity of the aforementioned option right, the individual Participant or the members of the winning Team receive a financial proposal from a third party to purchase the Project, they are obliged to promptly notify the Partner in order to allow it to exercise the aforementioned option right within 30 days of the notification, for a fee equal to that offered by the third party. If no agreement is reached, the Participants of the winning Teams may accept the financial proposal of the third party.

11. Filming of the Event and image use authorisation

The Participant is aware that during the Event, the Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners may take photographs and make audio-video recordings (hereinafter the “Material”) that may also concern the Participant. By registering for the Event, the Participant authorises Codemotion, the Organiser, Campania Region-Campania Development and the Partners, completely free of charge, to record the Participant during the Event, and to use the aforementioned Material to produce photographic and audiovisual content and other promotional material relating to the Event, possibly also in different versions or adaptations. This Material may be used for the purpose of dissemination on online communication channels as well as any subsequent publication in the press, distribution and broadcasting through any means of communication to the public available to the Organiser, Campania Region-Campania Development, Codemotion and the Partners, after the footage has been transferred to any medium. The Participant also authorises the Organiser, Campania Region-Campania Development, Codemotion and the Event Partners, again free of charge, to publish images and audio-video recordings concerning the Participant on the websites and social media profiles used for the Event.
In the case of participation in a Team, the Participant who registers for the Event declares, under their own responsibility, that the other Team members are aware of the content of the Regulations and authorise Codemotion, the Organiser, Campania Region-Campania Development and the Event Partners to use their image, in the forms and for the purposes referred to in this article.
The licences and any other authorisation provided for in this article must be understood to be for an indefinite period and free of charge, and cannot be revoked unless there is a risk of serious damage to the image and/or dignity of the Participant.

12. Privacy

Pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 2016/679, Innova Camera, Special Company of the Chamber of Commerce with registered office at Via de’ Burrò 147 – 00186 RM – as Data Controller, states that the Participants’ personal data will be processed in full compliance with current legislation.
Within the scope of the purposes referred to in this statement, Innova Camera may communicate the personal data in its possession to employees, collaborators and third parties whose services it uses for the purposes set out below or with whom it collaborates to run the Hackathon.
Furthermore, during the course of the event, Participants’ data may be communicated to Codemotion and the Partners for the same purposes. The processing will take place with methods and procedures strictly necessary to pursue the purposes for which the data was collected, manually or with the aid of IT tools.
The processing will be carried out directly by the controller or through third parties and service providers. In particular, to collect registrations, Innova Camera uses the Codemotion platform For its privacy policy, see
In particular, the following processing activities will be carried out:

a) the personal data provided in the application for participation will be processed to allow participation in the event;

b) the data relating to each Team (first names and surnames of the members, name of the Team, photo/video of the Team members during the event, project presented and materials produced by the Team – published both on its websites and social media profiles and by the press) will be processed for the purpose of promoting the Event and communication;

c) the Participants’ contact details may be processed for the purpose of sending messages about other similar initiatives, again within the framework of Innova Camera’s institutional activities, for the purposes set out by Italian Law 580/93, as amended by Italian Legislative Decree23/2010.

d) Participants’ contact details may be used to carry out analyses on the degree of user satisfaction with the services rendered.
The processing referred to in a) is based on Article 6(1)(b) Regulation (EU) 679/2016, on the execution of a contract between the controller and the data subject, and will be kept for 5 years following the conclusion of the Event.
The processing referred to in b) is based on the data subject’s consent and will be kept without time limits.
The processing referred to in c) and d) is based on the controller’s legitimate interest and will be kept until the data subjects request cancellation.
Subject to express consent, the Participant may also authorise the disclosure of their data to third-party partners of the initiative to carry out promotional and/or commercial initiatives and activities not necessarily connected to the Hackathon.
The data subject may, at any time, exercise the rights referred to in Articles 15 et seq. of the Regulation (EU) by sending a written request to Innova Camera Via de’ Burrò 147 – 00186 Rome or sending an email to The data subject also has the right to lodge a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority, as the supervisory authority, if they believe that the processing of their personal data is in breach of the provisions of current legislation. Please note that Innova Camera has appointed a Data Protection Officer who can be contacted at

13. Acceptance of the Hackathon Regulations

Registration and participation in the Hackathon imply full acceptance, without reservations, of these Regulations by the Participants, as well as the Terms and Conditions of the Codemotion Platform available at, which constitute an integral and substantial part of these Regulations.
These Regulations are available on the Event website at:
These Regulations govern the relationship between the Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners and the Participant alone, and do not give rise to any right for third parties. If the Organiser finds a violation of the rules by the Participant or the proposals presented by the latter, it will have the right to order their immediate exclusion from the Event.

14. Publication and validity of the Regulations

These Regulations are drawn up in Italian.
These Regulations are valid and effective from the date of publication.
The Organiser and the Technical Partner reserve the right to make changes to these Regulations at any time prior to the Project evaluation phase, even without prior notice. In this case, each Participant will be informed via a message sent to the email address provided during registration. If the individual Participant or the Team does not agree with the changes made to the Regulations, they may proceed to withdraw their participation in the Event, up to the beginning of the Project evaluation phase, by sending an email to In the latter case, no responsibility may be attributed to the Organiser, the Technical Partner and/or the Partners following the withdrawal of the Participants or the Team from the Hackathon.
The legal prerequisites for applying the rules of a public auction do not exist. Everything concerning the organisation of the Event, the selection of Participants, the awarding of prizes and, in general, the progress of the Event, is to be understood as confidential information exclusively owned by the Organiser. Therefore, no additional information other than that publicised during the Event will be provided, nor can it be communicated without the prior authorisation of the Organiser, nor is the disclosure of documents that remain internal to all intents and purposes allowed (therefore, by way of example, the Jury members and/or the Organiser will not be required to inform anyone of the scores obtained by Participants during voting, nor the ranking of non-winning Participants).
The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the Event in whole or in part at any time. If the Event is cancelled for any reason, the Organiser will promptly announce this via the website. Each Participant hereby waives any right to compensation for damages – including out-of-pocket costs incurred to prepare the Project and any travel and accommodation expenses, etc. – connected with the cancellation of the Contest, regardless of the causes or reasons leading thereto.

15. Applicable law and dispute resolution

The relations between the Participants and the Organiser, the Technical Partner and the Partners are governed by Italian law, on the basis of which these Regulations will be interpreted and applied.
All disputes that may arise in relation to these Regulations, including those relating to their validity, effectiveness, interpretation, execution and termination, will be the exclusive competence of the Court of Rome.
The Participant, pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, declares to have carefully read and expressly approved the following clauses: Article 3 (Registration for the Hackathon), Article 4 (Performance of the Hackathon), Article 5 (Jury and evaluation), Article 6 (Benefits for Participants and prize), Article 7 (Obligations and responsibilities of Participants), Article 8 (Limitation of liability), Article 9 (Intellectual property rights); Article 11 (Filming of the Event and image use authorisation); Article 13 (Acceptance of the Hackathon Regulations), Article 14 (Publication and validity of the Regulations), Article 15 (Applicable law and dispute resolution).

Last update 13 June 2023

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